The Future of CryptoCurrency

Let’s face it. With CryptoCurrency’s market cap starting to push 1 TRILLION Dollars, it’s time for tech companies to step up and take advantage of the situation. Here at EWS we plan on taking a step in the right direction before everything goes absolute bananas.

Bitcoin Accepted Here

Haven’t Things Already Went Bananas With CryptoCurrency?

No! This is just the beginning! The common way to explain 2017 was that it was the Year of the BitCoin.

The Forecast and Projections for 2018 are that it will be the Year of the Alt Coin. What is an Alt Coin? According to Wikipedia, the majority of Alt Coins or Tokens are Forks of BitCoin. Okay! Whats a fork? A Fork is simply a splitting off of something, a new separate version from the norm. In programming terms, it is taking an open source project for example, and using that code to make your own version of it. Layman’s terms? Alt Coins can be a Modified Copy of BitCoin that another company or entity is using as a currency based on the use of the coin.

Thousands of different CryptoCurrencies can be used for thousands of different applications. The possibilities are endless really, and you can cash into them using BitCoin!

Why Accept CryptoCurrency?

At EWS we believe it is important to be fluid and ever changing in accordance with the world of Today, AND Tomorrow. Being Current isn’t enough. Being ahead of the curve is where it is at.


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